PositionArtist / Title
Pochette Once Upon a Groove Jack Scannell 1Jack Scannell - Once upon a groove
Pochette Safe Trip Usken2Usken - Safe trip
Pochette Take Shelter Usken3Usken - Take shelter
Pochette 60 Years Old Today Tom Heideman4Tom Heideman - 60 years old today
Pochette One Day I Fly Away Victoria Horne5Victoria Horne - One day i fly away
Pochette Isn't She Lovely Amsterdam Connection,6Amsterdam Connection, - Isn't she lovely
Pochette I will Stop the Rain for You Victoria Horne7Victoria Horne - I will stop the rain for you
Pochette Another Star Amsterdam Connection8Amsterdam Connection - Another star
Pochette One Mouth Laughing Tom Heideman9Tom Heideman - One mouth laughing
Pochette Sound Of Your Body Victoria Horne10Victoria Horne - Sound of your body